Subject: English (Remedial Teaching)

Name: Miss Ho Wing Yee

Class: 5E

Learning Problems: 1. Confuse over the use of adjectives.

2. Provide inappropriate responses

Learning Outcomes:

Pupils will be able to:

  1. listen for specific information
  2. use modals to make suggestion
  3. maintain an interaction by asking an d responding to other’s opinions
  4. use correctives to express alternatives
  5. use prepositional phrases to describe objects
  6. use adjectives to show quantities

Language structures:

  1. There is a little __________.

There are a few _________.

2. A: Shall we have ______ or ________?

B: I like _________ best.

C: I like _________ too.

D: __________ is /are good for us.

A: OK! Let’s have __________.

Teaching Aids:

Lesson Plan, PowerPoint, Word document, drawing paper.

1. Introduction: (5’)

T: In this lesson, we’re going to plan the dinner, using the healthy food and drinks.

T: Before we start, let’s look at the picture of the fridge. You can find a lot of food

and drinks inside.

(Teacher shows the PowerPoint)

(Pupils look at their screens)

T: Can you name them?

For example: There are a few potatoes.

P: There is a little rice. ……


2. Presentation: (5’)

T: There are three tasks for you.

(Pupils look at the word document on their screens)

(The Power Point is on the large screen)

T: For Task 1, four pupils will be in a group. You are going to discuss with your classmates. You’re going to choose the healthy food and drinks for your dinner. These sentences may help you.

T: Let’s look at Task 2, you are going to type the healthy food and drinks that you have chosen for your dinner.

T: For example, if you have chosen fish, then put the cursor there and type iton the screen.

T: For Task 3, you’re going to tell us what you’ll have for your dinner.

For example, we’ll have ______, _______ and ________ for dinner.

  1. Further Practice (15’)

T: A: Shall we have rice or fries?

B: I like ________ best.

C: I like ________ too.

D: ________ is/ are good for us.

A: OK! Let’s have __________.

I’ll be A. You’ll be B/C/D. I’ll be B/C/D. You’ll be A.

Those who are A/B/C/D please raise your hand.

This group please does one for us.

T: Each one of you should practice with your classmates and write the menu. I’ll listen to all of you and I’ll show your screen to your classmates later. Please start now.

3. Consolidation: (5’)

a. Presentation

T: Present your work now.

This group reads the conversations for us. Tell us what you have chosen.

(Show the pupils’ screens)

b. Homework

T: For Task 3 (that is your homework), you’re going to write the menu of your dinner on this drawing paper. Remember to colour it or draw some pictures.